We picked up our teardrop trailer, Roomba (because any time we hit an obstruction, we’ll simply turn around and carry on a different direction) in April of 2015. Since then, we’ve put 4000+ miles on Roomba hitched to Soobie-Roo, and spent about 3 months (off and on) seeing the sights — mostly on the east coast.

The 2016 travel season has begun as I write this, and the tuck-in winter falconry season is over. We have de-winterized Roomba and taken our first warm-weather excursion, with several more scheduled through the summer season.

New adventures await.

Enter by choosing a post at the left, and have fun.

Occasionally I’ll update the ABOUT page. For those you can click on the Updates listed below.

2018 Update

2020 Update

2 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thanks back, Ed. I love photography and want to learn from those who seem to know their stuff. You qualify, quite obviously. Looking forward to seeing more.

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