2018 Update

It is now 2018, and we’ve been traveling in our teardrop trailer (Roomba) for many miles since my last “About” page was published. We’ve upgraded our tow vehicle (TV) to a Honda Ridgeline truck and we’re going to be getting a “topper” on the back end. While we loved our Subaru Outback, it was a challenge to pack the stuff we needed into its cargo hold. With the Ridgeline, we’re hopeful that jigsaw puzzle will be slightly less time-consuming when it comes to stowing and getting on the road for the next adventure.

Of which we will have many. As the year dawns, we’ve already hit eastern North Carolina to see the migrating waterfowl (including a couple of 20 degree nights). So we’re at about 18,000 miles under Roomba and counting. Glad you’ve decided to come along for the ride.