There was sun & warmth & whales aplenty

In Provincetown, Cape Cod, we linked up with our Berlin family (less my brother, unfortunately) starting last Friday, and went whale spotting Saturday. Saw many whales under a sunny sky and skimming through calm waters for about 4 hours. None of the leviathans was too far off the coast, and we saw the first before our naturalist guide had time to finish her bit about the whales’ migration or feeding patterns.

It was a four species day, with fin whales leading the parade, followed by a big number of humpbacks (including a mother and calf, who were resting at the surface for a long time), then about 6 very rare/endangered right whales (only 500 exist in the wild today), and finishing with the tiny (relatively speaking) minke whales. 

The weather was impeccable and stayed lovely through today, when Jack & I added a new Rail to Trail conversion to our “done” list, here on Cape Cod. 

Tomorrow we depart for New Hampshire; a place called Swanzey, near Keene.

Here are some pix from this weekend.




Sunday’s ride: