Bike Virginia Starts Tomorrow


We left the house and critters in the capable hands of Pat and Louise, and headed east, listening to Carl Hiaasen’s demented characters alternately trying to save and destroy the Florida environment.

Hit one serious rainstorm en route, and got the munchies around 2:30, so stopped for a break somewhere along 360/460 (circa Keysville). Turned toward a bruised sky to get to the hotel, and the thunder began as we stopped in the hotel parking lot.

Raced to get the bikes unlocked, unsecured, and off the roof of the car, and used the bikes to wheel the bags into the crowded lobby. Had to wait for an empty elevator since my huge camp bag and the two bikes (not to mention ourselves) filled the compartment.

Lightening and thunder with horizontal, pelting rain broke out as we got up to our room. The trees fretted and the deep black cloud sat on our heads; almost as suddenly, it moved along, bored with us. The trees stilled, the sky lightened and the rain fell vertically.

Good to be dry. Might be the last time this week we make it through a day without getting wet. But then again, we might get lucky.

Late breaking news: the local news guy says there are 14,000 Richmond-area residents are without power right now, since the storm passed through.