Last day, Åland

61 km day headed back to the bottom of the island group to the main city and port of Mariehamn. It is our first overcast, rainy day, although we only got sprinkles after about 10 AM. It stayed chilly all day, however.

As we say in our travels, “if it rains, leave town!”

Had grabbed some bread and cheese from breakfast, got stockpiles of water, and took the road far less traveled, with no services. Even the big dots on the map were devoid of cafes, stores, or parks. Sat in a hay or straw field on a stack of bales covered with the usual white plastic and ate a picnic for lunch.

We were both ready to get off our bikes by the time we got to Mariehamn. Got a coffee and sweet in the town center, then had to get back to the harbor to meet the taxi guy who brought our travel bags from Havs Vidden to Mariehamn. He arrived as scheduled right at 6PM.

Turned in the bikes to the rental place, and had to simply hang out at the ferry terminal and take only short walks dragging the bags around for 6 hours while we awaited the boarding of our ferry to Tallinn. It’s an overnighter, so I took a Dramamine at about midnight for our 1AM departure, and went straight to a berth and to sleep.

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