Chickahominy Riverfront Park, VA

Yowl was ready to leave by about 8 this morning.

After an uneventful drive of about six hours (with a couple bathroom stops), it was 92 inside Blue Roomba, and outside, next to the Chickahominy River, it was 89. Some breeze, but very high humidity for set up. Nearly the first thing we did was plug in and raise the roof so we could crank up the AC. 

Jack relaxes in the cool as the AC does a great job bringing the temps down to something livable.

Meanwhile, Lee takes a break from set up by sitting in the screen house with the bug repellent keeping the nasties under control. 

But still, there’s a squirrel who thinks this is HIS site, and keeps intruding on these squatter immigrants to his spot. It’s a very brazen squirrel who obviously doesn’t know I’m a falconer who most regularly has a redtailed hawk as a partner, and together we catch squirrels for the hawk’s dinner . . . 

Before set up is entirel accomplished, by about 4:30, Yowl was ready to begin thinking about grilling dinner for the evening.

As the sun sets, the osprey head to their nests, the cicadas crank up their evensong, and the awning rope lights offer a cool reflection on the side and windows of Roomba. 

Maybe Yowl will have an icy adult beverage that is so well suited to summer in the warm climes. Yum. Prequel to dinner, Indigo Girls music, and a good novel. Life is good.