As most of my regulars know, I love history, birds, beer, and how things got that way. But I also know that many readers don’t really care that much about those things, or don’t have enough time to plow through lengthy details of who lived when or how that structure came to be or how you can tell this bird from that one.

So I’ve created this “More” page so I can link from the regular blog posts to nested pages with more information on whatever subject, without cluttering up the post itself with too many words.

The hyperlinks below have names, but unless you have the context from the primary blog post, it might be a bit—well, let’s say “unhinged”—for you. But you’re welcome to check it out. I’ve tried to include link-backs to the original posts in the materials I’ve added to “More” but I might forget sometime. Apologies, if that happens.