Walls, windows, doors and floors: Cesky Krumlov

Our final meal in CK was at a very cool and old building that was an old mill (Restaurant MLYN) and we learned after our delicious meal that the building generates all its own electrical power via the water flowing briskly beneath. Excellent food, and interesting decorations all over, including lots of bicycles, bellows, and basses hanging from the ceiling.

Miscellaneous shots of windows, walls, floors, and doors (or things on/in/from/attached thereto) from our various wanderings around CK.

This looked to me like a granite giant’s fingers reaching up out of the ground to grab the corner of this building.

What a novel business concept.
These windows were along a stairway, and I noticed that each one of the upper panes would have had to be custom-cut.

Difficult to tell from this pic, but that’s the entry floor of our hotel.
The castle is lit up at night and is truly magical.

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