Arrival at Bike NC

We took a leisurely departure from Medoc Mountain and got to Edenton around noon under overcast skies. We checked out the place where we had been directed for RV check-in, but no one was there. So we cruised past our designated camping area, which looks quite nice and if we can secure a site early enough, we imagined ourselves on the western side of the open area, where some tall trees would offer afternoon shade, but we could still take advantage of the eastern sun for solar gain.

Hunger took hold about then, and we cruised back through town to a place where we could both get into and out of without any backing and it appeared we could get a take-away burger. Our plan was to take lunch back to the RV check-in area and “camp out” there until we could find someone to check us in. I think the restaurant was called a Dairy Freeze or something, but it fersure was not a chain outfit. Sure, they sold soft-serve ice cream, but our order of burgers and fries was called back to the single cook in the back, and everything was made fresh. It was really quite tasty.

As we rolled up to the check-in area, there was a guy setting up a tent. We asked if we could head on down to the site, and he made a phone call and said, “Sure, go ahead.”

A fellow on a golf cart met us and led us to the area, and when he thought we might want to be near the toilet trailer (which was on the eastern most side) we asked if we could head to the other side, and he said “sure.”

We got a primo spent with no neighbors possible at our “back” and shade coming up even as we set up, around 1PM.


Niche camping in the shade – no one can be at our back or our tail. Nice.
So very glad that we’re not anywhere near the chaos of Tent City, which has been parceled out all over the waterfront area and seems to have grown since the last time we were here, about 5-6 years ago when the nighttime tornado touched down in Tent City and the tree fell on one of the tents (but missed the single occupant, thank goodness). 


This was the nieghborhood of the tornado a few years ago. We are NOT here (thank goodness).
The shower trucks, however, are over at Tent City, so we’ll have a bit of a hike to shower each day. But we’re totally in an awesome spot. The neighbor who owns one of the houses surrounding this open field came to speak with us, and she’s just totally into the whole bicycling scene, and welcomed us heartily. We wandered into town later and found a beer and wine store, and gave her a nice chilled white, for being so hospitable.

During our walk, it is quite evident that the citizens of Edenton have made great strides to spruce up their homes and neighborhoods. Some of the houses are just lovely, and there are a lot of restaurants and boutiques to choose from for eating and shopping. And the flowers are way ahead of ours back home, and are simply lovely this time of year. Nice place, Edenton. 

With our own bottle of wine and a couple of beers, we settled back into our very shady and breezy site, met some new neighbors who’d set up while we were walking around, and enjoyed a leisurely break before heading back into town for dinner. 

Met up with a couple of Bike Virginia and Alan’s Bike Tour regulars while poking around town. They’re staying in a private home that’s available for groups to rent and apparently a bunch are all staying there and riding and enjoying each other’s company. It was fun to see familiar faces – but then again, at these types of group rides, everyone’s your buddy for at least the length of the tour. Many friendly folks around town today, and more expected for tomorrow. 

Looking forward to a 30-40 mile ride tomorrow – maybe we’ll beat the rain that’s forecast.