Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sunday, August 23: This was our day to take our bicycles into Halifax to store them prior to our tour group’s kickoff gathering tomorrow evening. When we arose, the sky was blue but the sun wasn’t up yet. Then the fog rolled back in and we didn’t see the sun again until much later. We hitched the bike carrier and left Roomba for another day. 

The drive to Halifax was uneventful, and we got on the correct road to the Hampton Inn Suites, but we overlooked the actual hotel in the deep downtown of Halifax. A little more working our way around, and we found it. After we made the arrangements for the manager to store them, we headed down to the seaside walk to find lunch. We did find Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery, which has been around for centuries, apparently. But it’s in a lovely old factory building right by the waterfront, and inside was a handy place to have a pint and some fish ‘n chips. The meal was excellent — the beer only okay.

We did some more wandering, and stopped by a bakery to get some bread to add to the lunch we’re planning with Sue, the friend who’s going to store our Roomba while we cycle about. We also stopped by a place called Rum Runners to get a small rum cake to finish our lunch tomorrow.

Halifax is a great big city and harbor, so there were lots of shops and restaurants and plenty of tourists and things going on. We saw the biggest ship I’ve ever seen that was privately owned, moored along the boardwalk.

The weather stayed dry but overcast down south. I took my jacket and rain hat along as we hiked the boardwalk. But we never got wet while out of the car. Got a few sprinkles along the drive, though.
Heading back, we drove through Wolfville, where our bike tour will begin on Tuesday. It’s a lovely small village that I’m looking forward to seeing in more detail from cycle-back. From there, we could see the Blomidon escarpment (if it can be called that), which has been our “home” for the past few days, but will also be a part of our cycle tour. 

There is wi-fi right around the Park Office, so I sat there for a while to get some blog backlog up to the ether. The person manning the station said it had cleared up by about 11A up there, and they’d had spotty sunshine throughout the day. So Roomba’s solar panels got a little boost while we were away, after all.

When we returned to camp, my poor slippers were just as wet as the day before, and we really had no way to dry them with the humidity. They were beginning to smell bad. I despair that my fave slippers will not survive the Blomidon Drench.