Overnight in PA

Headed to World’s End State Park in Pennsylvania, (Sunday, August 16), trying to conserve data use, we ran into some interesting guidance from our car’s mapping system. First, it was telling us to take an exit that “she” called “number 235W” when there was both a # 235 A and a # 235 B, but nothing remotely resembling an exit W. We were rather confused about which exit the guidance system meant. “She” actually wanted us to go west on the route indicated, but seemed to mix up the route number and the exit numbers. In the end, we did choose the correct one, but there was a bit of tension until we figured it out.

Later, as we were trying to find the entrance to World’s End State Park, the brown sign said to turn left for the park entrance, whereas the mapping system wanted us to carry on along our same route to get there. Jack was driving at this point so he elected in a nanosecond to follow the brown street signs and we turned. When the system “recalculated the route” we were elated to discover we might have shaved 10 miles off the trip time.

Turns out, however, there was a particular turn required to get to the campground area, but from our direction, one could not make that hairpin turn. So we were forced to head left and wound up near the lovely river with 2000 of our closest friends and picnickers, and about 100 yards later, we were informed by another brown sign that we were leaving World’s End park and “Thanks for visiting.”   

 A quite-tight U-turn, navigating through the very crowded parking and snack hut area, and finally, a discussion with a friendly park ranger got us turned around the right way. The place is much like a bee hive, there are so many visitors here. We might have to turn on the air conditioning to shut out some of the noise. And of course, there seems to be no cell service, and certainly no wi-fi.

We ended up giving at least 3 Roomba tours to our fellow campers, and one even said, “Everyone in camp is talking about your trailer!”   

Notes from the drive: Ran into a rain storm about 3PM along Rt. 220 and the temps dropped, at long last. At the grocery store, it was 88 degrees. Earlier on the Interstate, it was 92. So nice for it to drop to 73 for the afternoon.

Somewhere outside of Lewisburg (where we got groceries) along I-180, I saw the most beautiful redtailed hawk sitting on a power pole. She was big, and had a very pale head, similar in color to her breast. She was looking down at something below to pounce on, and I saw her back (had a small patch of pure white at the nape of her neck) and her tail — juvenile! What a beauty. Wish I lived in PA so I could attempt to trap that one, for sure!

Saw the prettiest house simply covered up with bright pink petunias. Got a shot or three as we drove past.    
Early in our drive, wish I could have taken a pic of an enormous dragon outside a series of dilapidated old shops in MD (or was it WV?). But I was driving and there was nowhere to pull over to pause for a photo op. But it was great. I aspire to making that kind of dragon sculpture in my front pasture. It’s head must have been high as a two-story house.