To Kelley’s Island and Altoistes Rally

Wish we could be there with all the other new and longer-term Alto owners to match faces with the names we’ve learned, and the folks we’ve learned so much from via the Internet. Next year, we’ll try to come and count our Roomba amongst the gang! Thanks, Alissa for being the record-keeper.

Carpe Dory (2)

IMG_4554How crazy is it that this was one of the best days I can remember? How bizarre to feel so instantly connected to a group of people I have never met in person before. When I started the Altoistes Facebook group, I was, to be honest, primarily in it to find a resource for all the questions I had about the Alto. There wasn’t much information online, nor were there support groups established in English. So after just a little poking around, I figured out how to start a group. From there to today a community has slowly grown.

We left Lake Chautauqua this morning a little before 10. The caretaker at the KOA was extremely helpful in offering to take our propane tank to have it filled and bring it back in his little campground golf cart. That spared us some logistical figuring and no doubt lots of time.


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