Roquefort Butter Ribeyes 

One of the things we learned from a FB group of Safari Condo owners and pre-owners is the absolute glory of Roquefort butter applied to excellently grilled beef at camp.

Tonight, our last evening in Maine; beside Casco Bay and with the osprey shouting at one another, diving into the water for their dinner; we fixed ourselves some beautifully done Ribeyes adorned with Roquefort butter. 

OMH, what a dinner!

The sun deigned to show herself for the duration of the meal, and a great good friend from home added the gift, brought along just for such an occasion, of a splendid wine from the Willmette Valley. The winery was Lemelson, the wine Pinot Noir, and the flavors it lent to our meal were exquisite. 

Who lives better than we?

Now the waning moon rises as the sun sets, the osprey are settled for the night and we spend a small amount of stored solar power to wash the dishes before turning in for a read before shuteye. 

G’night, y’all.

 Set the scene: our dining area is at the front (car/hitch end) and the bikes reside outside the front window.


Pouring the excellent wine.  

Hoping Walter & Sally note the bottle label, and Pat & Louise note the wine glass coasters.

Tres bon apitite.

2 thoughts on “Roquefort Butter Ribeyes ”

  1. Truly life is good! The only sadness in this equation is the folks at Dogtown, no doubt, miss you. I suspect they will pull through. Have fun

  2. Yes I did notice the coasters, glad they on your travels, yes we do live amazing lives, loving it

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