On Our Way

Jack and I have a tried and true travel pact: if it starts raining, we leave town. 

Since this is Jack’s birthday and our departure day, and since it has been cold, foggy and rainy at our humble home for days and days, we just finally got the gumption (and the housesitter) to leave town.

So we’re en route to Quebec to pick up our teardrop travel trailer, aka, “Blue Roomba.” Like the Safari Condo logo, we are (practically) carrying our home on our backs, looking at how full the Subaru is. Not shown in this photo, but we are getting good practice driving without being able to use the rear-view mirror to see out the back. I’m fairly used to using the side mirrors when I travel with all my falconry gear in the back, but this is moderately new for Jack and he’s not exactly happy about it — and we’re not even on the Interstate yet.

So the learning curve begins!

More later.


One thought on “On Our Way”

  1. I am vicariously excited! HBD Jack. Also feeling your pain regarding the learning curve. A guy in the next campsite watched me and declared “it’s a process”. Truly.

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