35 Days and Counting

Today marks just 35 days before we embark on a trip to pick up our travel trailer in Quebec. It is a “teardrop” style, made by Safari Condo, and we’ve been waiting for it since last August.

Alto R1713, model year 2015
Alto R1713, model year 2015

When first introduced to him, we were reminded of a streamlined robot of some sort. So we began thinking of him as our “Blue Roomba” because it will move forward until we hit a barrier (an ocean?) and then it will turn and head a different direction.

While we’ve always been tent campers, we’ve never really done the trailer/camper thing. So we will have quite a lot to learn. One of our longer-term goals is to visit all the Rails-to-Trails conversions in the US. Shorter-term, we want to visit all the award-winning state parks in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We are hoping that our learning will also be yours, and that we can share some of what we experience along the way. Cheers!


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  1. Sounds like a great bucket list. Please keep us posted on your progress and lessons learnt. Bill H

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