BVA Day One

We are cheek to jowl in tent city so I hope no one nearby snores much. We didn’t get our ride started until 2PM because it took a while to set our tents and Jim had to change his tires on his bike.
Somehow we managed to miss lunch, so began the ride hungry, hoping we would get to a shopping center or fast food corridor en route. Naturally, we didn’t see anything but pretty subdivisions and long rural roads. The day was partly cloudy and some stretches of the ride were lovely and cool. 18 miles in, however, where the rest stop was, it was sunny, moist and quite hot. Had some snacks to fuel the final ten miles back to camp, and the most challenging part of the ride was the final 5-ish miles, during rush hour along a rather narrow road. Note to self: don’t get between a soccer mom in a van and her Friday night wine glass.
Tomorrow’s forecast is to be wet, so I might not take many pix. But we might get lucky again.
Day One = Success.