Bicycle and Early Spring

Took a bike ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway this morning. Overcast skies, but warm. The longest of our National Parks has taken a beating over the past few months, and the resurgence of spring growth has not yet covered the lost treasures, which the recently-melted snow disclosed.

Met a man and his dog along the way. As I rested and ate my breakfast bar at Round Meadow overlook, he emerged from the deep cut of Round Meadow Creek, which the bridge I sat near spans. As we talked I realized he was a great good friend of my late mother-in-law, and that we had actually met several times in the distant past. Billy Cruze and his dog, Sam, walk every day along Round Meadow Creek and hike up to the Parkway and along the road, making a circuit back to his house.

Stopping to take photos of curiosities along my way added significant time to the ride, but I just couldn’t keep pedaling past some of these astonishments. And once you begin taking pix, we’ll, it’s difficult to stop, even if you face starting to pedal again in the “granny-gear” headed up a steep hill.

So here is my photo essay of April Cycling Along the Blue Ridge Parkway.













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