Malmo, Sweden Pt. 1

Malmo is an interesting place. There is a street festival happening, which has filled the square with vendors, booths and tastings. Apparently, there is music at night, but we have not participated.

Tons of construction speaks to a place growing – but makes it less picturesque than I like. Malmo boasts the tallest building in Northern Europe. There are carnivals and rides and special no-car areas due to the Fest. Way too many peeps, IMHO, but quite international. Our waiter at dinner last night (Lemongrass Asian cuisine) compared Malmo to Chicago, and Stockholm to NYC. The meal, by the way, was extraordinary, but quite expensive. It was definitely high-ticket, and quite a memorable meal and atmosphere.

Here are some Malmo pix, about half, and I’ll post the other half shortly.













2 thoughts on “Malmo, Sweden Pt. 1”

  1. You’ve probably picked the worst time if you don’t like crowds! The locals both love and hate the festival – it’s fun but also very annoying to have so many tourists in one spot!

    1. Timing for hitting Malmo @ Fest time was random. Didn’t know abt. it until arrival. My little community has a big Fest also, and shares y’all’s love/hate thing abt. it.

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