Hamburg dinner


Had to add a shout-out to a great little Greek Restaurant here.

Taverna Ellada is down a street called Lange Reihe, quite near the central rail sta in Hamburg. Guessing that Hamburg is like most German cities in that most folks eat late: so we really understood when we walked in around 6p, and they looked at us like we’d just arrived from Saturn. But they managed to seat us and we got a pint of beer.

Then, we had to remember how things go in European restaurants, i.e., that the atmosphere is quite leisurely, in terms of service – waiters here don’t bug you like American wait staff does.

Anyway, what a splendid meal, well-cooked and presented, and heartily enjoyed by us. I had a pork cabob, and Jack had the lamb special with mushrooms listed on the chalk board. Thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

And we told them so. They gave us a shot of ouzo on the house, and that has translated into a very early night for us, what with the jet lag and all .. .