Bus tour stops 4 & 5

After lunch, we took a quick look-see at the renovation progress at Appleton Beer Factory in downtown Appleton. Proprietor Ben and his dad and wife, plus other family members and close friends, are working in their spare time on renovating a 1940s era auto parts store. When done, it will be a brewery with a tasting area, eating areas, commercial kitchen, and more. They’re preserving as much of the salvageable bits and pieces of the historic building as possible, including some really interesting windows, and some of the original brick.

Their current plan/track is to be brewing their first batches of beer this fall. And they’re working really hard to manage this goal. But they looked pretty far away from attainment of that goal to this untrained observer . . . Still, we all wish them the best of luck because they are truly excited and ambitious, dedicated and enthusiastic business owners.







After that quick stop, we headed to Mishicot, and found the Opera House Antiques. There is a public antiques store with a wealth of interesting items, but we were allowed into the main building for a special viewing of the owner’s private collection. It was a rare, amazing, awe-inspiring experience that left quite a lot of these crusty collectors speechless.









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